Feature request: Improve meterreading page

Your page for entering meter readings is the worst I have ever used. This is bad because you can’t read my new Smart Meter I will have to use them twice a month :<

It is “mobile first” which might be sensible (check the stats) but it has very poor support for entering the numbers with a keyboard on a PC. It is even buggy, on first load entering a number in the 100’s column using the keyboard causes numbers to appear in the first field.

You only have one page that customers have to interact with - why not do it properly? I suggest that you take screenshots or videos (use Snag-it) of other companies pages - it is much cheaper to copy people who have money than do the research yourself. NPower has quite a good system.

To test, go to Starbucks, find 10 people and ask them to try to enter meter readings (you might have to buy them coffee), if 10 people like it you are OK.


Hi @james5637 agreed that the requirement to put in leading 0s is annoying. Our tech team is working on the meter reading page, and you’re right to demand better of us. Thanks for the honest feedback. It never feels good to have a member tell us Npower is doing better than we are at something, so we’re determined to learn from it.