Fed Up of Bulb and their incompetence

So we finally left Bulb, for Octopus on the 17th October (after a mess caused by Bulb to get the switch done)…, and yet bulb still tried to take a direct debit for £5 (after we changed it down)… although we are nearly £300 in credit, and cancelled the Direct Debit after been told to do so by Bulb Customer Services, and now getting constantly bombarded by bulb that payment failed and setup a new Direct Debit…

I know Bulb are desperate for cash, but I AM NO LONGER YOUR CUSTOMER, you really are the most incompetent company I have ever had the displeasure to do with business with…


I at the time wanted to go with Octopus from Boost. Unfortunately they only did DD and not pay as you go, on a smart meter. So the only other company was Bulb. Not had any issues so far. Everyone should feel comfortable with a supplier and it is good for the consumer this can be done fairly quickly, well in most cases.

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Hey @mozzahome and thanks for getting in touch via community :wave:

There are actually 3 failed bills on your account which means that we haven’t charged your account for your usage since August, even though you have been paying into the Bulb account. This means that the credit in the account is not accurate. I have attempted to fix this today and I now need to wait for my operations team to approve this before I can issue the statements.

We are also waiting for the final reads from your new supplier. We can’t issue your final bill until previous bills have been approved and we have these reads in the system from your new supplier.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

– Robyn :bulb:


There are no failed payments on our account you are talking rubbish… You have taken payment each month,.

You manged to screw up the entire bill one month by rebilling for a year… What have you done now to our account…

Can someone call me to explain why so many mistakes

Bare in mind it took Bulb 2 months to replace a faulty meter…

Our account has been one giant cockup from day 1…

Sorry for the confusion @mozzahome , it’s not the payments that have failed, it’s the statements of usage, so you’ve paid into the account, but we have not taken out what you’ve used.

I am currently working with the operations team to get this fixed for you. We appreciate your patience.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thanks for clarifying @Robyn_at_Bulb

If you can update when it is all fixed that would be good

I have been with Bulb about 4 years and the first they were very good but the last two years they have changed. They have become far more greedy. This latest attempted direct debit increase by 40% was beyond the pale and if it happens again, I will quit bulb. It used to be insurance companies that took loyal customers for granted but now Bulb are doing it.

Hi @Howden :wave:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve become disappointed with Bulb’s service recently.

I can see that the new suggested minimum payment amount is £88.01, which is a slight increase from what you were paying over the summer. You can get this changed in the ‘Payments and Statements’ section in your Bulb account.

– Meg :bulb:

Thank you for your reply but there are some inaccuracies in what you say.
Bulb initially said they wanted to increase our DD from £75 to £104, even though they knew we were £105 in credit. I keep a close record on all our power use and bills on my PC. Our average bill in the last 12 months was £76. Bulb claimed it was £90. That was a lie. Our bills in the last 12 months were between £60 and £80 depending on the time of year. Their initial demand for next year was £104, but I found a way on your website to decrease it but it would only allow me to reduce it by £5, so I did. The following day Bulb increased it to £110. My experience of Bulb recently is that they are a seriously dodgy company! I rang the bank and they said I could stop the DD, but they also said that Bulb could set it back up again and set the new price. So I then rang Bulb and spoke to someone in Bulb customer services. She said how much do you want to pay? Which surprised me. I had considered increasing our DD to £90 to help with the winter central heating gas bills, but when the gas price shot up, I decided to increase it £95. I told her to set it to £95 and she has, but Bulb sent me an email saying the next bill due tomorrow will be £110 then £95 after that. Its obvious that Bulb are just trying it in with loyal customers like insurance companies do. Last night I went on Bulbs website and found a ‘Community’ facility that is like their version of Facebook. I saw a section where people were asking for refunds because their in credit amount had got too big. £400 was one of the low ones. There was one guy who was £1666 in credit and had been appealing to Bulb to refund him some money, but they wouldn’t. Another guy was owed £400 and had left three months ago, but still hadn’t been refunded his money. I have now decided that if Bulb do this again next year I’m going to quit Bulb.

@Robyn_at_Bulb @megan_at_bulb

Is there anyway to stop the constant text messages saying I haven’t paid… any more texts will be added to a complaint to OfGem

I don’t owe you anything!!!

Hi @Howden :wave:

Again I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a poor experience with us.

So your average monthly usage going forward is estimated to be £95.33 a month. I understand this may be a little higher than your previous statements, however this new amount takes into account the price increases that have happened in the last year. Going forward we would expect your statements to be higher than in previous years.

I can see your payments are now set to £95 going forward, but it’s likely that that payment of £110 had already been submitted for collection when the alterations to the amount were made.

I hope that answers any questions you have but please let me know if you would like to discuss anything further.

Hi @mozzahome

Sorry about those texts.

Unfortunately it looks like there has been a billing failure on your account, this means the accounts statements are not up to date which will be triggering the texts.

I’ve just raised this with our Ops team so we can get everything rectified and updated

Ele :bulb:

Any update as its been 11 days and the account still isn’t fixed…

Hey @mozzahome - sorry for the delay in our reply.

It appears that the account has now all been fixed and the final bill issued. Would you be able to confirm that you’ve received this?

– Robyn :bulb: