Fed up with confusing bills

I am an intelligent person but sick of the methods used to inform me of what I owe. Every month they ask me to pay more and more and constantly asking me to hike up the amount I pay. I have topped up a few times and still they ask for more. I am sick of this. Very annoyed. I dont need this stress in my life. Thinking about switching if i dont get a satisfactory answer from them when I phone tomorrow.

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Then you will be switching. Luckily, it is quick and easy these days.

With Bulb, unfortunately nowadays it’s very much a case of running to stand still. That is to say, no matter how much credit you have, no matter how little energy you use, and no matter how much you pay each month, they will forever ask you to pay more, on the grounds of “covering your winter usage, to keep your account healthy”.

You will never be able to pay enough, and challenging this with them will only see them repeatedly suggest that you go to Citizens Advice, or use one of their, or another debt management company, even if you never mention that you cannot afford to pay your bills.

It’s an extremely common problem here on the forums that Bulb are simply refusing to address. Switching to someone else is the quickest, and easiest way out.


I’ve moved and on the dreaded prepay meter again now, but my prior home was credit meter and you can alter your monthly payment and the date it comes out of your account very easily on their app.

However, prior to moving, I did get a notification from them stating they were increasing their electricity prices and that they’d be increasing my monthly payment, by around £40 a month. They too cited that it was to cover winter usage. However, given that I can alter the amount I pay on the app, I failed to see why I needed to be babysat on how much to pay over and above my actual usage, and told them as much. If we want to pay extra on top of our actual usage, during summer months say, when gas usage is lower, then that is surely down to us to decide. If we decide to not, then we expect higher usage in winter anyway and if our usage outweighs the monthly amount we pay, then we up what we pay. It’s not rocket science.

I have never understood the need to up people’s bills, sometimes by double their usage, aside from the obvious - credit. By charging customers over and above their usage, Bulb obtain funds for free that are over and above their usage so we are giving them money for nothing.

I suggest submitting actual meter readings at least 3 days before your statement date every month and that way, they don’t have a leg to stand on to complain about you paying what you use. Afterall, we don’t go to buy food at the supermarket and be happy to pay more at the checkout because we might be eating that food in the future :joy:

Check your statements (they aren’t bills) and ensure the readings are right. They guesstimate. Often veering upwards of actual usage so watch them on that.

Thankfully I moved house before they enforced a bill hike on me for “winter usage” and I’d disputed them doing it and withdrew consent. No idea if it would have made any difference and if they have gone on ahead and taken the hiked amount. As it was, I was paying roughly £25-30 a month over what I used to pay off an arrears I accrued at start of lockdown.

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Do you know what happens with all the rates money you pay in prep for winter. I am going to switch

Hi @ihartnyc8

I’m sorry to hear you’re thinking about switching. The money paid in summer in preparation for winter should sit in your Bulb account until those months roll around again.

The credit should build as you pay for more than what you’re using during the warmer months. That means when winter comes around we don’t need to increase monthly payments.

If that doesn’t answer your question just let me know and I’m happy to help :ok_hand:

Sadly I’ve been paying more over every month for the last year. I had 100’s in credit then all of a sudden the bills go up by nearly triple and I’m in a debit. Makes no sense

Hi @ihartnyc8

I’d like to help you understand a bit better what’s gone on with your statements.

I’ve sent over an email to you now, could you get back to me there with a bit more info and I’ll do what I can to explain?