Fed up with increasing off bills every month

Fed up by my increased billing every month it has doubled from the first projections and what you said that I would pay a month am now £20 dearer and I switched because of the last supplier costing me more i live in a 1 bedroom flat and my heating is hardly on but yet its rocketed to me paying more than am prepared for so today I started the process of switching suppliers as yous have seriously let me down

You are relying too much on the supplier. Take note of weekly readings (kWh) you can then work out if you are being charged correctly, if it still seems high then start to investigate what is using the most energy.
If you are going to be paying similar kWh rates with another supplier then I doubt if your bills will come down by much.
My fuel bills this month are nearly double compared to last month and I know they are correct, the weather is a big influencing factor.

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My monthly bill has gone up from £32 to £46. Oh well.

Are you boasting or complaining? :rofl:

Complaining! My usage hasn’t gone up.
Maybe it’s the cost of all those useless smart meters, which really only benefit the supply companies since they can sack all the meter readers. :yum:

Hi @Bettyboop,

I took a look into your account to investigate, I see that your bills haven’t been doubling each month but have been increasing rather linearly due as we would normally expect from the change in seasonality.

Typically during the Spring to Summer months we expect most people to be using less energy due to less need for heating, lights on etc. then the inverse happens during Autumn to Winter.

I see that your smart meters are sending us regular readings which is great :relaxed:

I stay in a one bedroom flat yous put my charges up a month after joining yous as I thought I was doing the right thing as yous showed too be cheaper and infact it’s turned out yous are now dearer a month from my last provider I phoned and spoke to one of your colleagues and was told basically if am not happy yous don’t charge me to leave so that was my option’s she was rude very unhelpful and I don’t want to be part of this company I am in the process of switching I’ve never missed a payment and I was always in credit and today I see that they have credit it back to my bank so clerly no-one is interested into trying to keep my business so I will be

If you see that for the amount of time my gas is uesd it is costing me a fortune and thats me keeping my heating off during the day and using a fleece to keep me warm my electric is fine never noticed much but for the amount of gas I ues in a month is costing me a lot of money given the winter has been mild this year yous are extortionate price for gas you trick people in with cheap quotes and then after a a couple of bills bang it jumps up I’ve never paid as much for my gas and thats the end of that

Hi @Bettyboop,

Our price changes are for all customers, I’m sorry this came at a bad time with your switch. You can read more about why we had to change our prices here.

As we’re getting smart meter readings, we will only be charging you for what you’ve used. I am sorry if you believe this is too high, you can review our tariff rates here and use this to compare to other suppliers if you’re thinking about switching.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I’ll be happy to follow this up via email.

I have left yous just waiting on me getting my start date and I will phone and pay what yous have charged me for as I’ve just recently paid a bill i have been reading alot off other people’s comments and I am not the only one who is saying this yous aren’t at the top of any comparison sites comparing companies now wounder why? No sorry I do know that’s why am leaving so leave me alone as if you have been looking into my account you

You will see on my account that I mental health problems and are in the special care sector you are starting to make me intimidated for speaking about my service and experience I don’t want any more feedback from you i just want to leave.

Hey @Bettyboop, we never meant to make you feel intimidated at all and we apologise if any of our messages have come across this way. Community is a place for us to help one another with queries and concerns so the threads are open for discussion.

I can see that we have received the notification of your supply leaving us now and the switch will take 21 days.

Take daily or weekly readings but remember if the meter is a SMETS 1 and is dumb to add the daily charge so that you can see how much you’re using each day or week for example using 3kWh electric per day plus the daily charge would be, in my case 16.17 times 3 plus 22.87 a total of 71.38p per day and £4.9966p per week so £5 per week, £22.13 for 31 days then your gas charges on top.