Feed In Tariff (FIT)

Is Bulb considering obtaining a FIT license? We are currently looking at installing solar pv and would need to use a electricity supplier who is licensed by Ofgem for FIT. I don’t want to have to leave Bulb just because my home installation has gone a bit more green! Any thoughts?

Hi @cymruambyth. Love that you’re thinking of installing solar panels!

We’re not looking at becoming a FIT licensee very soon, however, you can still ask for a different energy supplier to provide your FIT without also switching your energy supply to them. They’re two separate flows of energy (import and export) so if you don’t mind the second monthly statement, you can stay with us and choose a FIT licensee for the solar panels.


Thanks I may have a cunning plan…

I would sign up tomorrow if Bulb handled FITs. Seems like they’ve been promising to register as licensees for well over a year with no progress. I really don’t want the hassle of dealing with 2 different suppliers.

We have our FIT with Ecotricity. Once a quarter we submit the readings online, a month later a payment arrives in our account. There’s really no hassle.
From the suppliers point of view, I understand handling FIT payments to be a burden. If that’s the case, I can understand Bulb’s reluctance to handle FIT payments

@stann0, @TheBiz, from Rob’s last comment on the matter, they’re working on it!

Keep an eye out for announcements from us about FIT, we are in the process of becoming a licensee!

Hi @stann0 we have significantly improved our resource in the regulatory part of the business. We’re able to progress on projects like this much quicker now as it’s now a priority for a couple of members of the company.

Can someone provide an update on Bulb’s FIT licence please? I am a Bulb customer and have just had solar panels fitted. My preference would be to register with Bulb if possible.

Hi @coolbikermum. Great to hear you’ve just had solar panels fitted. Congrats!

Bulb is now a voluntary Feed-in Tariff (FIT) licensee. We would love for you to register with us.

We’re currently running a beta phase for our generating members that are keen to take part in the early development stages of our FIT offering. You would be one of the first to test our online sign-up form for FIT.

If you’re up for it, please follow this link.

@“Francesca At Bulb”, that’s great news.

Sounds like the kind of thing that should be being shouted from the rooftops rather than hidden quietly on the forum though.

Announcement coming soon?

Hey @mowcius - it’s something we’re definitely going to be shouting from the rooftops, just not quite yet :slight_smile:

We want to make sure everything about the process is perfect and streamlined before going hard on the FIT side of things. It’s a pretty new thing for us and we want to be 100% sure we can give everybody the best possible experience.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Guys, I’ve got over 4kwph panels. How can I enroll for the FIT?

EDIT: just saw this link. Duh.

Is there a UI attached to the FIT functionality - e.g. for submitting readings, reviewing statements, past readings etc ?

I’m currently with SSE for FIT and this aspect is pretty poor.

@Hoggy Not at the moment, but this is something we may have in the not too distant future.