Feed in Tariff ignored again

Having been notified of the hefty increase of electricity prices starting April, I am still surprised that no action has been taken to increase the rather measly feed in tariff.
I would suggest that the same % increase would be applied , as not to do so would be seen as
profiteering at the expense of the consumer.
It seems to be a constant these days that what we pay for goes through the roof, but what we contribute is ignored.
Come on Bulb, or administrators, Finger out !!!

Hi @Beanbag :wave:

Thanks for your post.

We’re monitoring wholesale prices closely, including what that means for our export payments. We’ll be in touch with any changes.

E :bulb:

Thanks Ele, any news on an update yet as the old FIT payments are pitiful given the April 1st
energy price increases. This needs to be given some priority as I assume that the impact of inertia will affect some of your members greatly.
It cannot be too difficult for the industry to adjust the rates , given the speed, accuracy and implementation of the charge out rates ?