Feed-in tariff payment delay

It’s now the 19th and still no news about my feed-in tariff, reading submitted on 30th June. Any news?

Same here, sent the reading June 25th, no payment. Payment is supposed to be made in the first 10 working days of the following month. You also have to ring the contact number now to try and get help. The people don’t seem to understand the process. I’m relying on them to email to department concerned. Not good.

Similar to Last September when they didn’t pay until 22nd October, but it’s normally been in by the 14th.

Some sort of comment from Bulb would be nice …

Ok, all sorted, just paid :blush:

Yes just got mine. Maybe the delay was due to working out both the new and old tariffs as the payments changed during the period.

Sorry, the payments didn’t change during the period. The period was 1 April to 30 June. The tariffs change every year at 0001 on 1 April and this year is no different.