Feed in Tariff Readings

Please advise. I have switched my FIT payments to Bulb and to complete the process i need to submit my first reading.

However there appears to be nowhere to do this!

For reference my current reading is 22533

Mark Galloway

This is a public forum. I’d suggest you contact Bulb directly with your query via private communication. The forum is only really for generic questions, we can’t help with account specific issues because of course we don’t have such access.

Just as an aside: the whole FIT administration side of things is quite separate from a utility’s supply business - it doesn’t matter who administers the FIT. My FIT is still administered by “Good” Energy, even though I moved from them to bulb yonks ago due to my alarm at their untransparent, nepotistic business dealings (Mark Shorrocks/Swansea Lagoon shady white elephant anyone?)