Feed in Tariff

Hey i have just signed up with you, at the moment my solar feed in is with British Gas and i am aware that you don’t have a feed in licence at the moment if there a way to be informed when you do solar feed in?

Hey @ailsa9812 , great to hear you’re generating solar. We will definitely let our members know as soon as we’re offering the Feed in Tariff via email :slight_smile:

ive also had solar fitted recently, please keep me updated thanks

We will @g_yeo123 :+1:

Could you not give us a definitive date for this and provide some clarity on the timeline for it, what difficulties are you experiencing getting this done - exactly?

@mjp We’ve not got a definitive date to give you. We’ve got team members working on this as we speak but in terms of the challenges, it’s quite a complex task that involves a lot of different parties.

We will make sure to make a big announcement including details and dates as soon as we have that information ready for you