Feed In Tariff


I applied for the Feed in Tariff a few weeks ago now. There is quite a bit of information that you required but I have not heard anything back from BULB if you are happy with the application.

Can you someone please contact me regarding this to ensure all is ok.



Hi, same here.
I received an email on the 31st March saying they wouldn’t get round to it until after April 1st, but that everything was in hand. Hoping for an update soon.

10 days on - still nothing… go BULB…

@“Eleanor at Bulb”

Thanks @phproxy

@thrillster I’ve asked the FIT team to see where we’re up to with your application and let you know.

With the April 1st deadline, we had a sudden wave of applications. We’re getting through them as fast as we can. Sorry for the delay.