Feed in tariff

I have solar polar panels and my current supplier administers the FIT. Do I need to separately move this to Bulb along with my supply arrangements or is this part of the changing of suppliers? I will be supplied by you from September.

You don’t need to move your FiT payments at all. (When you installed your PV you could have applied to any electricity supplier for the FiT.) I have just moved my supply from EDF to bulb but will still get my FiT from EDF.

Hey @MelanieD If you’d like to switch to Bulb, the good news is that switching won’t affect your payments.

Your FIT payments will stay with your current supplier unless you decide to switch them over to Bulb too.

Switching your FIT payments to Bulb is easy

Our Feed In Tariff rates are set by OFGEM, so the rate you receive won’t change.

Once you’re a member, just log in to your account to switch your FIT payments to Bulb. We’d love you to join us.