Feed in Tariff

Hi, I switched to Bulb from British Gas some time ago but I still have my Feed in Tariff with them for solar panels that were installed in March 2015. Is there any benefit through switching the FIT to Bulb ?

@Carlo1 My personal experience says keep it with the existing supplier, as long as you are happy with their general customer services (have the FIT payments been accurate and on time.) There is no advantage to moving it as the unit rates you receive remain the same as these are set out by the government.

We mistakenly moved our FIT from SSE to Bulb after initially being happy with Bulb’s overall service. However, now we are having problems such as missing monthly statements and poor/non-existent communication from Bulb. Now we are looking to possible move to another supplier and I’m not very comfortable leaving our FIT with Bulb, technically it should be fine, but the billing issues with Bulb concern me in the long term. We now need to move both the FIT and energy away from Bulb and this just over complicates things, compared with if we just left the FIT with SSE.

Main benefits in moving it to Bulb are i) they can pay it in to your bank account rather than by cheque and ii) you can choose to have it paid into your Bulb account instead so you could reduce your monthly payment if you choose.

SSE paid directly into our account, or as credit into our SSE account, that is not unique to Bulb.

Bev62 - I was answering the original question. British Gas only pay by cheque.

Fair enough. Not having to worry about cheques is a nice bonus. In that case moving the FIT to Bulb may be worthwhile. Actually moving the FIT from SSE to Bulb was hassle free. It’s just Bulb’s recent issues that gives me pause for thought.