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About Bulb I moved into my new flat in November,I’m a disabled person never had my own place till now the previous tenant had bulb couldn’t ask her much she went to New Zealand but ever since I moved into here I set up everything I’ve been declared unfit to work by job ctr so have to be on benefits as much as I hate it but I get the support with bills and all my bills are fine to cope with apart from the one with bulb who cause nothing but agro and stress at the beginning no one explained to me how it worked I had no clue never done this before I then set up monthly bills at a set price and ever since I did every month they demand more and more and more even though I use the same amount every month bulb is the worst energy provider I’ve ever known they gave me a warm discount after they demanded £200 every 3 months they ask for a reading yet I’m giving them one every month great false advertising bulb and every 3 months you send someone out??? Must be Caspar the not so friendly ghost I’ve not seen anyone help your an utter failure I wouldn’t want anyone else to join you I have warned others not to join you either

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Hi @nbra034

Thanks for taking the time to leave a message.

I’m sorry this has been your experience with Bulb.

If you are on our Priority Service Register then a meter reader should be visiting every 3 months. If they attend and you are out they should try again later in the week, I’m sorry that you haven’t had a successful visit yet. However, if you are currently self-isolating we can’t send round a meter reader.

I’m going to send you an email so I can raise this as an official complaint for you and we can chat about it in more detail.