Feedback on new app features.

Hello team.

I have just had a go with the new app feature allowing for readings to be read by photo. I have found this to be slightly buggy.

It seems to mistake 7s for 1s, and it was really struggling to get all of the numbers from my digital display. I have corrected it manually.

Maybe something to add to the meter reading page would be a centring crossair over the box to help with alignment.

Hi @FromTheValleys,

Thanks for your feedback on this. Since there are so many different types of meters, it can be quite tricky to develop a system that works for all of them.

Are you able to post a photo of your display in this thread? (It’ll be interesting to see what it looks like)

Make sure that you block out the serial number, as it’s best not to share personal information on a public forum. Alternatively, just drop me a personal message with the photo, and I’ll pass it on to our tech team.