Filming in the Gola rainforest

Hello, I’m Mark, I make films here at Bulb.

A couple of weeks ago I travelled out to Sierra Leone to document one of our carbon offsetting projects in the Gola Rainforest. It was one of the toughest but most incredible shoots I’ve ever been on. You can see some of the results from that trip here.

We spent two days in the rainforest, each day starting around 4.30am, and finishing at about midnight with me triple-checking that everything I’d captured had been backed up. We filmed with the people working for Gola Rainforest Conservation, and the local forest edge communities, all of whom are taking positive action to help protect the area’s rich biodiversity.

We’ll share more from the trip soon. But if you’re interested to find out more in the meantime, feel free to ask me anything about the amazing work being done out there, what it was like to film in 30+ degree heat or how I felt about sharing my bedroom with some of the biggest spiders I’ve ever seen.