Final bill and meter readings

Hi I’ve left bulb and would like a final statement so I can pay the outstanding balance please. My final day with bulb was 9th feb. Also if you could provide me with my final meter readings for gas and electric on the final day. For some reason some infos been lost between you and my new supplier.

The opening readings you’ve given with your new supplier will take up to six week to progress through the independent verification system and end up at Bulb. Bulb wont provide you with your final meter readings. They don’t know what they are, because the information path is from you to them, via your new supplier, not the other way around.

You just need to be patient. You won’t be getting your final statement from Bulb until possibly the middle of March. Do not cancel your direct debit with Bulb until you’ve had official notification that your account has been settled and closed.

See this help article in relation to switching to Bulb. Your new supplier should have similar advice regarding how switching to them works.

If it’s any help, Bulb didn’t take a further DD until my final bill was issued. (I was in credit).

The refund came through about six weeks after the switch.

Good service actually.

Hi @tom123 sorry to hear you’re leaving, as @Hooloovoo said it can take upto 6 weeks to generate your final bill and we will email it to you once it is ready.

James W :slight_smile:

Ok no worries and thanks for the reply