Final bill and refund


I am still yet to receive the final bill and refund. Can you please advise when this is likely to occur as the account the refund is due to is to be closed shortly. Many Thanks

Hi @lr1982

We sent the final bill and processed the refund shortly after your post, very sorry there was a delay.

You should have the refund back by end of Tuesday at the latest.

Thanks Rob

I will not hold my breath as I was told I would receive the refund over a week ago. I was then told after a phone call last Friday that I would receive the refund within two hours of my call…this did not happen too. Considering I am to be credited with over £800 I find this most frustrating and quite frankly I am being lied too. I have written a complaint to your complaints department and was told they would get back to me within 24hours, guess what 72 hours later and I have heard nothing!

It is now Tuesday and I am still waiting to be credited with my money!?

Where is my refund???

Hi Luke, we have had confirmation that the refund was processed on Monday (25/06/2018). You should have had this in your bank account. If you don’t have it, please give us a ring on 0300 30 30 635 and we will speak with the finance team immediately to check up on this.