Final bill concerns - help required


I switched away to another supplier but I was unable to give final meter readings for my electricity meter as neither Bulb nor Octopus seems to be aware that I have swapped to SMART meters for both Gas and Electricity despite this being carried out whilst I was wish Bulb! - the only meter apparently on record is my old one yet they have my smart gas meter so why not the electricity? . Now as a result of this confusion it seems both suppliers have collectively agreed on an estimated reading from my OLD two rate meter!

Given that there are readings on my account from the new smart meter which are very low (400 odd kwh) and the estimated final read is over 40000kwh! I am very concerned you are going to send me a massive final bill which is totally incorrect.

I’ve tried and tried to speak to Octopus about this but sadly they are completely useless with customer service response times (starting to regret moving!).

I have pictures of both my meters from the final meter read day , I also have a picture of my old meter. Octopus now have these but they only seem to respond to my emails once a week but in the meantime I wanted to get the ball rolling with you guys to make you aware there is an issue with my account to try and avoid the stress of a large and incorrect bill landing on my doorstep!

Any help you can give would be hugely appreciated at this stage as I’m losing sleep about what has become very painful supplier switch…


Hi @cjandrew,

Thanks for your message. I’m really sorry to hear about the predicament you’re in.

So what’s happened here is called a ‘Found Meter’. Octopus will have their own process with how to deal with this, but there isn’t much we can do from our end at this time until we’ve heard from them.

I’ll pop you an email now, so if you need a hand with anything you can contact me directly, but you will need to chase up Octopus to help get this sorted unfortunately.

It can be solved though, not to fear!

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