Final Bill Correction 13 month later

I left Bulb in Nov 2020, got a ‘Final Bill’ (about six of them actually, not all with the same figures on them), got the Ombudsman to agree that Bulb are not particularly competent and got some small amount of compo for the inability to generate correct bills.

Roll on to Aug 2021 and I get a ‘bill correction’ saying I owe around £20. I never closed the DD so just ignored it and resigned myself to just offseting the compo against having to deal with Bulb’s billing again. Not really the right thing to do but there is only so much you can deal with.

Now in mid December I get another bill correction giving me a £3500 refund and then rebilling from some point in approx 2017 which somehow ends up with me owing £200.

Now, as I understand it, I’ve given you meter readings through my account and when when I closed my account, so per back-billing rules if you have made billing mistakes at some point in the past that is triggering this that is entirely Bulb’s problem, and you can only reassess usage from the last 12 months. Given I left in Nov 2020 that will be a bit hard as I didn’t use any energy from Bulb in those 12 months.

True to form, the bill corrections are unintelligible and I don’t really see what has been done to recalculate them from the originals.

I’ve sent an email to Help, but unsurprisingly no reply. Can someone explain to me just what it is you think you are doing?

Hi @mojosdad I’ve raised this with our operations team, and will send you an email as soon as I have an update on this. I appreciate it must be really frustrating and I’m sorry that this has happened. - Miriam

I don’t think Bulb get it at all and I’m quite happy to continue this here as you can never get emails answered

‘Frustration’ describes not being able to open packages without scissors.

‘Mild rage’ describes my experience of trying to get any sensible bill out of Bulb whilst a customer.

‘Apoplectic rage’ describes my getting a bill 13 months after I stop being a customer.

I left Bulb because I was fed up of the incompetence and even now you keep turning up like the unwanted guest at a party.

No doubt this will be described as another ‘computer error’ or there being ‘a problem on your account’ but guess what, the computer does what Bulb tells it to do, and the problems on my account always seem to stem from Bulb not being able to execute the primary task of a utility company which is to actually bill correctly.

Let’s see how quickly this one can get sorted …

Not very quickly by all accounts Mojosdad…

Bulb decided they would bill me after 12mths and tell me that I owed £620 (approx)!

This came about after that famed ‘Look after My bills’ swapped my dual fuel to Peoples energy. Now’t wrong with that apart from they didn’t appear to get data from the SM. No worries - easy enough to read the SM and enter in the online form … DD taken all good.

PE go t*ts up and BG take over… but only the Elec’ supply… Turns out that Bulb have been supplying me with gas according to them and the meter database, but not asking for payment, sending no statement, not chasing the fact that the DD had been cancelled.

PE have been billing me for the gas that Bulb were supposed to be doing and I’ve been paying PE … What a shambles… All I can get out of Bulb is that I owe. BG not interested because they are SoLR for elec’ , because PE weren’t down as gas supplier.
Bulb offer no reason as to why no statements or DD or emails etc for 12mths
PE - don’t exist…

I want to know who’s had my £600 :worried: :thinking:

So now my account seems to have been updated and is in the process of being closed (presumably for the second time since I’m not actually a Bulb customer for the last year!).

I’ll apparently get a final bill soon and they will take a final payment if in debit. Good luck with that as no direct debit in place.

This is all very nice, but I left Bulb over a year ago so the window of which part of my historical usage you can go back and adjust is very limited. If this closure doesn’t match the value you have already been criticised by the Ombudsman for not being able to work out correctly we’ll be digging out the login details for another escalation…

It becomes clear what Bulb think they are doing. In August they have slightly altered the balance of estimated units between readings which very slightly alters the bill. When they cancel the previous bill and apply it against credit they think it puts me in debit because they have forgotten they gave me a ‘refund’ because they cocked the bill up in the first place.

They are doing a similar thing with the final consolidated bill except they don’t seem to realise that comparing debits to credits from more than a year ago won’t work (especially since there have been other write-offs due to incorrect billing) , and that my account balance from a year ago is essentially locked in as they can’t re-assess the earlier usage in these circumstances.

Looking at the consolidated bill I’d question whether the gas bill in particular meets the required standards for info provided. Whilst there are some meter readings given (not all of those I’ve given though), there are no actual or estimated reads quoted when they work out the kWh used in each period just some apparently random figures, there is no statement of the gas CV assumed (there is one given on the bill but I can show it has not the same in each period and wouldn’t you know the value quoted is the higher value), and the tariff change data provided is useless because although it tells you the day the tariff changes it doesn’t tell you the year which might be helpful for a bill covering 4 years.

I can’t really be bothered to do it, but I don’t think I could consolidate this if I tried

Still no update, can’t be that hard. Have resent my Formal Complaint to keep it live, and to show I’ve not forgotten. Unlike Bulb, in my job I’m expected to keep in touch with a customer after a complaint on a regular basis so am just reversing roles.

This must be the simplest question in the world - Your Ops Team must know they can only adjust for usage going back 12 months so this can only possibly affect usage from August 2020 and can only affect how much I need to pay for those units.
My account balance in Aug 2020 is fixed by the billing before it which you cannot alter, so it’s difficult to see why anyone bothered to cancel all previous bills as you were obviously going to end up in a position where you couldn’t reconcile bills when you have had to make ‘goodwill’ adjustments for making so many mistakes in historic billing, which no doubt have all been forgotten in this latest billing ferago.

Hi @darrylseager :wave: Welcome to Community,

It looks like when you first switched away the gas supply got sent back to Bulb as it was believed to have been moved in error. Your account was not set up properly after it switched back and so this is why no statements were generated. It is also why we don’t did chase you for payment.

This is the reason you’ve had a statement for over £600, it is for the gas used over the period we still supplied you but the account was not running as normal.

You should not have paid People’s Energy for gas usage so this is something you can raise with British gas when they have your account with them set up.

I can see you now have a direct debit set up which will cover your gas usage and payback towards the debt over time. If you were unhappy with this then you can email and someone from our complaints team will take a look.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb:

It’s 7 weeks since the first forum post and nearly 4 weeks since CS said they were putting a 4 week hold on the billing request (nice of them considering no-one seems to know why you have recalculated a bill 12 months after the event).

You’re on notice that if one more week passes without a resolution I won’t hesitate to refer the matter straight to the Ombudsman…

I’m assuming then that since no-one has bothered to answer this nor the email I sent asking for an an update that you prefer the Ombudsman route to sort it out so that’s what it will be. Doesn’t bother me, I’ll almost certainly get some compensation out of it.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the email I got this week asking how satisfied I was at how Bulb had dealt with my complaint. Utterly useless …

Don’t bother with an explanation, not that you were going to. Escalated to Ombudman, so you can explain it to them. Either way this will now cost you just to get it resolved.

One can only imagine the number of complaints that you must be getting to let this kind of thing go to the Ombudsman when each complaint costs you, with each referral making you less attractive to a new buyer.Although you would need a hole in your head to buy a company rapidly become the worst performer for CS complaints.

Right, so update time. As far as I can tell the Ombudsman has upheld my complaint that the billing on my account is incorrect and Bulb need to go back and have another go, and to pay me significant compensation for the trouble they are causing.

So what do we find today, a text message demanding I pay the bill which they have been told is wrong by the 21st April. Every day you think Bulb have reached the pinnacle and then they push the definition of incompetence just that bit further.

Would anyone at the Bulb team like to comment? I warned you last time you demanded payment for a bill under Ombudsman review that another episode would lead to yet another formal complaint so here it is

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