Final bill - credit owed

How long does it take to get a credit from Bulb? They owe me around £250 and my account was closed around 2 weeks ago.

Hi @maykram ,

It can take 6 weeks for your opening/closing meter read to get fed from your new supplier to the ‘independent industry verifying company’ to Bulb and them to produce the bill (it’s that’s middleman which seems to slow things down for everyone) - see and also .

I would say if you haven’t heard anything from Bulb around the 4-5 week mark, just drop them (and possibly your new supplier) an email saying you switched from Bulb to XX on XX date with meter readings XX for property address XX (if you can include the MPAN/meter numbers as well I’m sure that’ll help - it’s entirely possible that your new supplier may have slightly taken over the wrong meter: it’s a rare occurrence, but does happen) and you still haven’t received your final Bulb Bill and that should be more than enough information for them to find your accounts and ask that annoying independent third-party verification company what the h-ll happened…

Thanks Richy.