Final Bill from Bulb Without Any Problems

After some thought I decided to switch to another supplier for both my electricity and gas. In doing this I will be saving just over £150 per year based on my last 12 months actual energy use.

The switch took place on 19 January and today I received my final bill from Bulb and my account is in debit which will be taken from my bank by direct debit in the next 14 days, after which Bulb will close the direct debit mandate. Needless to say I will be actively checking my on line bank account to verify closure of my Direct debit.

Bulb used the exact meter readings I gave to my new supplier and therefore my bill is 100% accurate.

I think it is appropriate to mention during my 2 years or so with Bulb I have not had a single issue with my statements, the statements have been issued as regular as clockwork each month and are based on the readings which I have supplied to them. There may an odd occasions where an estimated reading is used where for reasons such as holidays I had to submit the readings earlier than normal.

So things are not all bad with Bulb.


I had a similarly good experience when I had a small aberration and left Bulb last year. My account was quite a bit in credit and on closure, I was paid the full amount within a few days. I have since re-joined Bulb and the merge of my old [locked] account and the new one has gone well, albeit with a phone call or two. Lucky really as there was a £10 goodwill credit on the old account - applied about a month after I left them - that I have now had transferred to the new account. Very pleased with CS. R-

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