Final bill from previous supplier

Hi there, my switch to bulb was completed today, yay! However, I have not heard anything at all from my previous supplier and was wondering how and when I receive my final bill. My regular direct debit was paid to them on the 12th of this month (September) and my new bulb direct debit went out today (14th september), so I have paid twice for my energy this month.
My current supplier is Sainsbury’s and I can see from my online account with them that I have a big credit on the account, but no payment has been taken yet.

Hi there, I switched my dual fuel from First Utility to Bulb, I’ve paid my last DD to first utility I am also in credit.
I’ve phoned First Utility and they have told me that everything has been sent to Bulb, who have sorted my gas out but not my electric!!! I’ve also paid my first DD to bBulb as well.

@jessica5437 Woo happy supply switch day! We’ll pass on the meter readings you submitted to us to Sainsbury’s, and they’ll use those to close your account and send you your refund. As for paying twice in a month for energy, this is because we take payments in advance whereas most others do the opposite. This can make it feel like you’re paying twice for the same energy - don’t worry, you’re not. You’ll get a full refund from Sainsbury’s for any over-payment once they close your account.

Hi @kathleen2422 we took on your supply successfully and have sent off your readings too. We suggest allowing up to 6 weeks from your supply switch date to get your credit refund. If you still haven’t heard from First Utility by then get in contact and we’ll take a look at what’s going on.