Final Bill Incorrect

I have just received a final bill from Bulb as I moved our supplier from Bulb to Octopus in January. The main reason for moving was Bulb’s seemingly inability to accept customer meter readings and their lack of customer service.

Issues with the Final Bill:

  1. We moving into this property on December 15th 2021 yet the Final Bill is dated from 15th May 2021. We notified Bulb that we were the new owners soon after moving in in December.

  2. There are two meters within the property. On one meter Bulb have historically seemingly not accepted the previous owner’s meter readings and this has continued. Meter reading on the 27th January was Reading (2) 259, Reading (1) 6.0 yet the Final bill readings have been estimated at Reading (2) 4188.4 Reading (2) 987.1

  3. The second Meter (the main meter for the house) was replaced with a Smart Meter before we purchased the house and Bulb do not seem to have any record of it being replaced. According to the previous owner Bulb arranged for the change/upgrade.

  4. When we moved in the previous owner mentioned that on numerous occasions he’d tried to contact Bulb as the WiFi device was not connecting to the new Smart Meter and was therefore not giving any meaningful readings. He was also struggling to read any meaningful readings direct off the meter as he was expecting to see two readings for Economy 7 tariff. We were also confused at this time and due to getting the house in some sort of shape after to moving in, followed by the Christmas period, it was not until the new year that I began to check on the electric meters.

  5. Previously (before we purchased the house) the owner stated that the house was on an Economy 7 tarriff. There is now serious doubt that this has been the case since the new Smart meter was installed even though the previous owner did not ask for a change of tariff. In fact since we took over the account we have definitely not been on Economy 7 even though I also asked to be as we have night storage heaters as the only source of heating.

  6. The Final Bill is only referencing the old Meter as if it was still installed and using Economy 7. The bill is showing estimated readings for 27th January 2022 of Reading (2) 49604, Reading (1) 95044. The actual meter we have in the property is only giving one reading which on the 27th of January 2022 was 11744.

By the 4th of January I was beginning to have my doubts about Bulb as a supplier, especially as there were no meter readings recorded on the house’s account since September 23rd I started to record daily meter readings. The previous owner remembered the new smart meter being installed around 23rd September 2021.

I can supply a pdf off my spreadsheet with the daily usage recorded between 4th and 27th of January 2022. Using these figures the average daily usage was 85kWh. This would give a total figure for the period between 15th December and 27th January of 3743kWh (which includes the 3kWh on the Multi Meter). We believe that 85kWh per day is a worrying amount of electricity to be consumed on a daily basis and do wonder if the Meter is faulty?

I can also supply an image of both our meters which was sent to Bulb on the 4th January 2022, along with the associated email.

Please could someone from Bulb very urgently contact us with a solution to this Final Bill.

Best regards

Hi @ginger_giant :wave: Welcome to Community.

I am sorry to hear about the issues you’ve had.

I can see you were in touch on the phone last week and this is now being dealt with by my colleague Russell. He has sent you an email asking for a few details so please get back to him there and we can move forward with this.

– KT :bulb: