Final bill not forthcoming and money still going out

I switched supplier on 5th Nov and 7 weeks later still no final bill and today a further payment was taken from my account to cover “next month’s usage”
Sent mails twice but haven’t had a reply as yet.

Yep, I’m exactly the same. Finished up in 14th November and still no final bill. No replies to emails either. Wondering if the Customer Services team have taken the month off.

Reduce your DD payment to £5 this will minimise any further credit which you may be building up.

Just cancel your direct debit. Call your bank or use the banks app.

Job done

Perhaps cancelling a direct debit isn’t the appropriate action, please see:

Don’t believe everything you read.

I’m all ears as to what is your suggested reading to substantiate your previous answer?

A number of other sources seem to agree with Bulb.

Just like all utility companies they’re quick to take money and very slow to return it and I don’t know if you’ve read the original comment but Bulb are impossible to connect at at the moment.

I read the original comment but this isn’t an answer to the query I posed you.

Ask someone who cares

You provided advice to the OP which I think is wrong based on the information on the Bulb site and other sites I checked. I care that the OP doesn’t have to set up a new DD again if necessary based on your advice. You took the time to respond to my original comment which gave me the impression you knew what you talking about.

Lol. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

Do you have a valid suggestion how best to help the OP?

@Allanr When I decided to leave Bulb I cancelled my direct debit immediately to prevent them from continuing to take monthly payments as has happened here. When I advised Bulb that I had done this, I was told that it didn’t matter and they’d still be able to refund what was due to me into my bank account - which they did.

Given the problems Bulb is experiencing on all levels at the moment, I don’t think that @Bulberino’s advice is unhelpful.

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