Final bill not received

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks since I left and still not got my final bill from Bulb.
Last balance was £199 as well so not a small amount of money.
Up until now service was great but holding on to my money for so long is not on. Not had replies to my emails either.

Hi @borj20 ,

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having - you should have got your closing statement within 6 weeks (the delay is usually caused by the old provider not forwarding readings to the third party independent switching/meter company and the latter then spending their time sitting on it). Have you tried calling Bulb on 0300 30 30 635 (live chat on ) as the emails may be getting lost/diverted to spam either to/from yourself. If you aren’t getting any resolution, it’ll be worth escalating the problem to their complaints team ( )

Phoning isn’t convenient but i will try the chat now. Then on to complaints i suppose.