Final Bill - 'Since July you've used... £365 of energy'?!

Recently moved homes, and submitted final readings to Bulb and asked to close the account. Everything seemed to be swell - until I checked everything had been signed off this weekend past.

This is what I’m reading:

Hi Josh,

Since the 31st July 2018 you’ve used £365.40 of energy.

Given I was renting a small 2 bedroom alone and was elsewhere the majority of every day, and that each of the last 16+ months have not once paid anything even close, I'm at a loss.

I’ve contacted Bulb via e-mail Sunday, but still no response. I’ve received another warning telling me that I owe such and such amount and that I must pay ASAP this morning, but no answer to the query I raised.

Would there be any way I could get this bill seen to as soon as possible? I’ve been out of that flat for a good long time now, should not be getting this kind of notification so far past. Very eager to have it all cleared now.

Let me know. :slight_smile:


Did you take a meter reading before you left the the flat (ideally, with a photo ‘just in case’) - even better is if your letting agent/landlord took the readings as the ‘exit/check-out’ and provided them to you. Do the ‘readings’ on the bill match that reading (within reason). It’s quite possible the new occupiers have switched providers and either accidentally or deliberately provided their new supplier with an incorrect reading (or the supplier entered it incorrectly) which would have ‘flowed’ back to Bulb and produced the bill.

Did you submit meter readings regularly, or rely on the estimates until you left?

Hi @JoshH I believe that one of my colleagues has emailed you back, but as the other guys mentioned it looks like we hadn’t had any meter readings for a while and we’d been underestimating your usage. It’s always best to provide meter readings about once every three months, if possible, to avoid this sort of nasty surprise