Final Bill Still Wrong

Per other forum threads, I’ve switched from Bulb due to general dissatisfaction. As expected my final bill is wrong I’m being charged for units in excess of the closing reads agreed in the switch.

I’ve made a complaint to be told that I’ve somehow ‘accidentally’ been sent the wrong bill and that I really do have a bill with the correct units used waiting for me. It also apparently seems to include the £30 I’m owed for a late final bill. This was promised within 24hrs. Sounds suspicious, but there we go.

What I’ve actually received is a cancellation of the first bill and then a resend of it exactly as it was so that was pretty successful wasn’t it?

So, as far as I can see Bulb are in breach of Ofgem regulations by making me ask for my automatic gas bill compensation, in breach of their supply licence in charging for units post the switch ‘agreed’ reads, unable to fulfill their promise to resend my bill and now are hours from owing me another £30 for a late electric bill (I’ll point out that I consider you have two bills to produce as you spilt my switch dates by claiming I was in debt despite not having been sent any recent bills-sending a bill that’s wrong doesn’t stop the clock).

Billing would seem somewhat fundamental to charging for energy, and when you have the meter readings it’s not particularly hard to work it out, indeed must of us have to calculate our bills ourselves as we either don’t get them from you or they are just wrong.

At what point does Bulb question their ability to run a sustainable business and just give up and do something else?

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It looks like I will have another joy to look forward to then. They didn’t get my starting reads right so I have no hope for the end ones now I have switched. Plan on topping up my account for fear of them delaying the switch as although I am currently in credit, it may not pay the final bill. What has gone wrong with this company in the last 10 months

Now over 6 weeks and no final electricity bill.

Ching, ching