Final bill wrong and no reply to emails

I moved home on 17 October and due to the 3 week (21 day) transfer of usage, took about a week for my supply in my new home to move across to Bulb once I started using card or key.

I’ve had no end of issues since.

I submitted final meter readings on the day of my move and they registered online as being received. I then received my final bill, which said they’d used my final readings. They hadn’t. They used an estimate way more than my usage and have charged accordingly. I haven’t as yet paid because I wrote to them the day after receiving the bill to explain is not be paying until they alter the final bill to actual usage and adjust the kWh charged accordingly so that I’m only paying for what I actually used during my time at my old address.

I’ve had no reoly. I wrote again on 1st November when I finally ran out of credit from old supplier at new address (my new address is a top up meter whilst my old was a credit meter) and started using my electric key and got a top up of £10 to put on. Given I wasn’t using Bulb electric until the point I had put the key in the slot, suddenly out if my £10 credit I had £6.02 taken off and I was left with £3.98 out if my tenner. So, I wrote and prompted about my final bill and also enquired about the fact they took my money that I’d topped up for no apparent reason. Oh and I hadn’t received an electric key until I prompted them about it.

Wrote again on 13th because I still hasn’t heard anything and I am fast getting fed up. I was told the meter would be changed to a smart meter when I’d moved house so I could top up online. I’m disabled and struggling to climb ladders to top the meters up. Yet there’s been no appointments booked (pre second lockdown) or any word.

So, anyone else had this kind of issue when moving house ? I intended to stay with Bulb but if they continue to ignore my emails I really don’t feel I have much choice but to leave, as I’m getting a really bad service now. I was impressed with Bulb initially when I first joined and they have always been fast at responding to any issues. Now I seem to have been forgotten.

I have similar issues, but with a crazy addition. Last night, I had nine consecutive emails from Bulb in one minute. Each one claimed to be a statement of my account. They showed balances varying from £1,345 to £1,800. My monthly bill with Bulb has varied from £85 to £110. I have just checked my Bulb Account online and that too shows these ridiculous credit balances. So far as I can make out, my actual balance when I switched from Bulb on 15 October was £179 credit, but, also yesterday I received an email from Bulb telling me that they will charge me another £127 in three days time. I have never had a payment of £127, I am in Credit, and I am now paying British Gas for my energy. The accounting system is crazy.

ExBulb, it is crazy. I actually sent another email yesterday with screenshots, again, to show my final readings. All I want is for them to calculate the amount of electric and gas I used from prior actual meter reading to the last final one and to ignore their varying estimated figures which have always been out. If I owe money then I’m happy to pay, but I won’t pay an estimate when they have the figures. I even calculated it for them!!

I dread to think what’ll happen with my amended bill. Will it show correct figures or show I or they owe an outlandish amount like yours did?

I just want a proper bill, my credit back they took, and some kind of plan for changing me over to a smart or credit meter in my new place so o don’t break my neck or have to run around finding somewhere I can top up with cash. I just feel ignored. Noone is replying.

Raise a formal complaint. That seems to be about the only way to get Bulb to sort things out (and you’ll almost certainly get a modest bit of compensation on top).

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Hi, @stevefoster, yes it seems to be going that way. Since I wrote my message on the board here I sent yet another email with the final meter readings and the amount of kWh id used for each fuel between the last two actual readings (last one being move out day). I got a response - finally - but, upon reading it, it was just a load of rubbish! Whoever it was, they’d gone in and deducted the amount they’d charged me from 10-17 October - BOTH BASED ON HIGHER ESTIMATED FIGURES. 67p. Yup, you read that right. So she’d gone in and credited me what they’d charged for 7 days estimated usage. But, get this, told me that they’d adjusted my bill and it was based ony readings. So I check, nope, still says exact same estimates as it did before but yesterday’s date on the bill.

I’m actually at the end of my tether with them now. She had the gall to say the bill was right and demand I pay up. Yet she altered it by 67p that doesn’t even mean anything in terms of my usage. So they have until Wednesday to sort this. If she could go in and credit the paultry 67p and alter it then she can alter the readings and recalculate it for August to October based on actual figures and redo the bill.

Sorry I’m ranting, but just so frustrated. What’s so hard about sorting the stupid final bill to say the right numbers? Grrrr


Have been talking to one of their customer service agents, I’m assuming they are based non UK as it’s often very late at night. She basically has gone on over the past 3 days and altered estimates - one point she added more to my electric estimate for my leave date thereby charging me more!

I thought I was getting to the final furling when she amended it again yesterday with my actual reading for electric. Yaaay! Just gas to go! Wrote saying thanks, great, if you can do same for gas, take off the 3 kWh overcharged then my bill will be correct, to be told that it was correct and I’d “told them that was my meter reading on 18 October”. Erm, nope, photographic evidence shown before and my online account, both show I submitted on 17 October and was definitely 3 kWh less. It was initially 10 kWh over but she altered it to a new estimate (note: estimate, no wording updated to say was actusl reading).

So either the new tenants have used 3 kWh in one day of being in their new home on 18 October or she’s talking rubbish, again.

I submitted a complaint last night, prior actually to her altering my electric usage, but frankly even if she miraculously changes it to the correct figure, I’ve had s month of constant stress over this, plus they still owe an explanation for the amount they deducted off my prepay key my very first use of it! £10 top up that should last me a week, and it disappeared when they deducted £6.02 immediately. Still no reply on that one.

Bulb have now taken payment of the extra £127 although I left them with £179 credit and have paid British Gas for the month since. They haven’t replied to my email asking for an explanation. It means that they now owe me over £300. And my online account still shows a credit balance of £1,840! If I don’t get an explanation by the weekend, I am passing the details to the Energy Regulator.


@ExBulb that’s horrible. Surely they should take the final bill from whatever credit you have and refund you the rest? If you’ve now paid your final bill but have credit remaining on your Bulb account, apply for a refund on it - they might write a cheque but at least it then won’t be in their bank accruing interest. If you get no joy, write to

Oh my. So, 4th day? 5th? Can’t recall, of toing and froing. I know they have the power to adjust the figured, I have witnessed it with one of the people answering my emails.

My electricity now reads the actual amount. They have left it alone.

The gas, now that’s something else. Every time that I get an email that my new statement is ready and they’ve used my final readings - my hopes are raised. Have they got it right this time? Each time, nope.

It’s gotten worse.

In October, as I moved out 7 days after my monthly statemt was created, I had an adjusted final bill. On it the normal statement amount was estimated 917 kWh used, 7 kWh over 6 days. They had my final meter readings on 17th but chose not to use them. After around 3.5 weeks of trying to get them to alter it and being ignored, I’ve had a flurry of activity and my hopes dashed.

Initially they reduced it to the 910 kWh matching the 10 October estimate, which then negated any charge and took it to zero aside from standing charge for the 7 days.

Then it rose, then went back down. Initially had sSme issue with the ectric too but a person called Raeesa actually did the right thing and put my actual reading into the electric so I have no issue there now. Just gas. She refused to change gas, citing that I’d given a meter reading on 18th dating I’d used 910kwh. Um no, no I didn’t. I submitted on 17 and have photographic evidence, that I’d used 907. If the new tenant has used 3kwh in one day then I’m not paying for his usage, thanks very much. Don’t confuse the two accounts.

No reply to that. Just a lot of faffing and new statements being made. Told them I had issues them using it like estimate Vs estimate for such a space of time anyway and should be using it based on prior months readings and my final statement altered for that period. Ignored.

Today. Get this. Yet another new statent appears. The final bill had risen yet again so I know with heavy heart they’ve mucked it up again. Electric is correct. They’ve scrapped using 10 October estimate to go against and have gone back to September’s estimate. Ok I have no issue with that. As long as actual figures used. Ok looks fine. Then gas. Oh dear. So my usage has flown from 910 estimate on 10 October then 917 on 17 October initially, to now it’s estimated and charged at 930 !! Yet my actual usage is 907. How hard is it to just plug the actual figure in? Not hard at all - but they are refusing to do it. Why? No clue other than they want me to pay for more than I used cos maybe they think I can’t possibly have not used more even tho photographic proof shows exactly what I used.

I’m ranting. I’m sorry. Needed to get it out. I’ve written again and expect some kind of reply. Will they alter it right next time?

I’ll see you in the next episode. …

Have you made it a formal complaint yet? That gives you a simple escalation to the Ombudsman if they don’t finally sort it out.

PS I think one of the reasons for difficulties with the gas reading is that they don’t take them at face value, but use some kind of “industry norm” external validation baloney (there’s lots of references to this validation on other threads where Bulb argue about gas meter readings).

@stevefoster Yes, I escalated to sending my complaint to complaints dept there and was prior to Raeesa actually correcting my electric to my actual reading. She then made the excuse she wouldn’t reduce my gas reading as I’d given them a reading “,on my account” on the 18tb saying that that’s what it said (910) yet she’d already had photographic evidence clearly showing it as 907 on 17th. The new tenant was in on 18th and after submitting my final readings there’s no way to submit a y more following day and the app no longer works as my new address uses prepay meters. So she’s talking rubbish or looking at it from address and not person and using the new tenants first reading next day, as my final - who knows!

Yes, I’m fully aware of them looking at an external company to validate meter readings for gas. That is, unless a customer provide evidence to prove usage. As I provided said proof on the day of my move then they can’t unilaterally decide to up it. Like I said. Initially they’d added 7kwh as an estimate, then it we t down to being same as prior estimste 910, and I got told that was my reading. Today, it’s risen to a lofty 930 kWh . I think they pluck a figure out of the air. I dont understand the fixation with refusing to alter gas but having no issue altering my electric based on exact same proof.

Hi @mcsurrey1969,

I’m really sorry to hear that my colleague has used the wrong final meter readings. We can amend this for you, I see your email and I have raised a complaint already for you.

Apologies that our systems didn’t use your final meter readings, this can occur for various reasons such as incorrect readings submitted, submitted too early etc. but I will look into this for you.

You can look forward to my email back shortly :relaxed:

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