Final Bill Wrong

Creating topic in forum as seems more likely you get an answer for this kind of thing if you raise it here

For this final gas bill it is more than 6 weeks since I switched before your issuing this bill so you seem to have forgotten to include the £30 automatic compensation you owe me.


My opening read with new supplier is 69034 which matches the estimate you have for 26 Nov. I have no idea where your later figure of 69426 for the same date comes from and don’t care, you can’t charge me for those additional units.
If you think the closing estimate is too low perhaps you should have bothered using the meter readings I gave you to establish the baseline and the Third Party Validation might have given you a different answer. Your system has acknowledged I sent the readings in so the problem of not using them is yours.

I look forward to your next attempt at a final bill because I don’t accept this one. Only two days to go before you owe me £30 for no electricity bill either…

Also approaching a costly (for you) drop dead date before I can go direct to the Ombudsman for my last formal complaint which you have so far ignored…

Hi @mojosdad

We are sorry that your post has not been replied to until now.

I can see that you already have a complaint open with our CEO complaints team.

To not complicate matters we do request that all communication about the complaint continues in that email thread.

I hope your matter can be resolved as soon as possible.


Would love to keep all communication in that email but true to form it’s all gone a bit quiet your end after I questioned your understanding of whether my final bill was late or not and whether sending complete garbage actually counts as issuing a final bill.

Hi @mojosdad,

Not to worry, I can indeed see that this complaint is currently still open with our CEO complaints team. I have left an internal note on your thread now, and you should indeed receive a response soon.


Is ‘soon’ likely to be before or after the heat death of the universe? Although perhaps a more pertinant question might be whether the response comes before the business collapses.

Fed up of waiting for Bulb, your ‘special notes’ on my account mean nothing as you still get no replies, can’t wait to end my association with you. Without doubt the worst utility company I’ve dealt with and that’s going some.

I know you would prefer we keep the details of complains in emails so you can ignore them but I’m not feeling overly accommodating.

I believe my gas and electricity final bills were both six weeks late in issuance so by the terms of The Electricity and Gas (Standards of Performance) (Suppliers) Regulations 2015 (as amended) I believe I am due a Standard Payment on each of my separate gas and electricity supply to total £60.

It is now more than ten days since I believe I was due this payment so under the Regulations now claim an entitlement to a further £30 Additional Standard Payment on each supply to a total of £120.

You are failing to provide a basis on which you reasonably believe a dispute exists between us as to your liability for payment so I believe we are reaching the end of constructive discussion and the only possible solutions are:

  1. Bulb make appropriate Standard and Additional Payments, or,

  2. Issue forthwith a Deadlock Letter so I may refer the matter directly to the Ombudsman

I will allow 14 days to receive a Deadlock Letter if that is your preference. Failure to receive a response in that timescale will be taken as concurrence that we are actually in deadlock and this communication will be used to refer directly to the Ombudsman.

@mojosdad As you currently have a complaint open with us, we recommend keeping all communications in one place.

You should’ve received an email from my colleague now. Please get back to us there if you have any further questions.

I’ve referred to Ofgem for a ruling so that should keep the comms nice and tidy for you.

Btw Bulb, congrats on now being classed by Ofgem as a large supplier; I noticed on the Ofgem stats you seem to have the second highest rate of customer complaints after OVO who inherited SSE’s mess.
Could be the bonus of that special reduced six week limit for Ombudsman referral like SSE if your customers are lucky.

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At least they’re consistant, in that the size of the complaints has grown with the n# of customers. Pity the same couldn’t be said about the shambolic accounts system