Final Bill

When will i receive my final bill after leaving bulb? Not being able to log in to my account (still can with scottish power- left Nov ‘17) leaves a bad taste in the mouth as I would still like to compare usage etc by looking at my old bills.

Hi @flec03 We’ll email you your final statement, as soon as we get those transfer readings across from the new supplier. These can take a couple of weeks to come across, after the switch.

We do close down the online account after the switch. When the account closes you’ll receive a summary of your usage alongside a summary of the CO2 saved. If you ever want to access specific month’s info, simply drop us an email and we can attach all your statements.

Hi, i’m still waiting on my final bill, is there any update? Thank you

@flec03 Apologies for the delay, this will be sent today.

Thank you

Hi, sorry to bring this back up but i’m questioning by gas readings from my final bill. You have given an estimate reading of 16645 (44 units used from last bill). But my latest gas meter reading (13th July) to my new supplier was only 16624. So basically i have used -21 units of gas and paid bulb for gas that i havent used

@flec03 This reading was passed back to us from your new supplier (either they didn’t get an actual reading from you, they didn’t sent it to us, or a third party, who check the readings, didn’t agree with the reading and generated an estimate).

Because the readings are so close to the estimates neither Bulb or your new supplier can change this I’m afraid. This means you pay slightly more to us but slightly less to them.

I gave them my readings and i wouldn’t call them close estimates. So basically I have paid for my gas twice

@flec03 Is the first bill they have sent to you using the reading 16624 or the estimate of 16645?

I’ve not had a bill yet for my gas

It’s fine if they start on the same estimate like how they said you’ll pay one more than they deserve but the other less so you’ll pay approx the same amount overall but when this happened to me the new company corrected it otherwise I wouldnt have paid anything for a few months but the old one didn’t so I’d paid twice for quite a bit of gas despite giving readings, it went back and forth so many times with neither budging in the end I emailed the energy obdusman and it was sorted so quick!

@flec03 They should be using the reading of 16645 as the starting point to ensure you haven’t paid twice. When your first bill is issued you’ll be able to check this. This is the reading that we’ve been passed for the transfer, so it’s now required for both suppliers to use this as the start / stop point.

Got it all sorted now, problem was at new suplliers end