Final bill

I just got an email from E.on 4 hours ago saying that my final bill hasn’t arrived yet but my debit is £70.68 on 3rd June? This is a quarterly bill. I should pay it right? But I should probably wait until my electricity meter gets checked.

Hi there @ZenMasterStef they shouldn’t be charging you for anything after we took over your supply, even if they haven’t given you a final bill yet, but if that quarterly bill is for time before you switched over to us then I’m afraid you will have to pay it, yes. It really depends on what the bill is for. If you like, you could fire a copy over to and we can take a quick look, make sure they’re using the right dates and everything.

@“David at Bulb” Hey David I sent an email requesting what you said to check the bill I attached it via PDF.

Hi @ZenMasterStef thanks for that. It looks like that bill is for the time before you switched over (it finishes the day before we took over supply), so it looks like you’ll probably need to pay it. When your final bill for them turns up, it’ll be just for the one day between the end of that bill and when we took over your electricity

@“David at Bulb” Thanks for explaining this to me now I just have to wait until I get some money together and pay it then wait another month presumably and pay the final bill.