Final bill

My old supplier still haven’t received final readings from bulb. They won’t close my account till they do so. When will this be sent. I have been a member of bulb for over a month.

Six weeks is quite normal - see here -

@Bonusba11 Your previous supplier has received readings from us, we have had confirmation they have the readings and therefore they should have been able to send the bill to you.

I have just spoken to them and for some reason they do not have record of this file and I will make sure we resend this so they can issue you a final bill.

My old supplier has just sent my Bill with end date in June. I moved to Bulb in May. They are asking me to give the my final meter readings so that they can sort this problem out. I thought Bulb would have done this in May but the old supplier has no record of it?


We have not received the meter details from your previous supplier so we have not been able to send the meter readings back. I have chased this and hopefully will be able to send the readings to the previous supplier over the next few weeks.