"Final" bill

Hi - having recently moved house I was not aware that the electricity and gas supply to the property was being supplied by someone else. I initiated a contract with bulb to be effective from when I moved in with meter reads accordingly. The status on my homepage is that “Your existing supplier should send you a final bill by 1st August”. I have not yet received this. What happens if I have not received this today? Am I liable for anything from the old supplier?

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Hi @sjb2812 you will still be liable to them, but it is probably worth checking what the delay in producing this has been

Thanks Callum - I presumed that I may not have had a bill as such from the old suppliers given I gave bulb readings from when I moved in but will try and contact them later.

@sjb2812 Do let us know if there are any issues with them generating the bill and we can get in touch with them to see what’s up :slight_smile:

Hi @“DanP at Bulb” @“Callum at Bulb” - still no sign, I tried calling the old supplier last night and tonight but was on hold for over 30 minutes waiting to speak to someone each time. Any other thoughts?

@sjb2812 I can give them a call, can you message me your address details please?

sent via DM, thanks