Final bill

Hi, so my account finished on the 7th of August but today the 10th bulb has taken another direct debt payment of £82 out of my account I was wondering when I will receive the money back as I was already £270 in credit before payment was taken , I have taken bulb to my new property but it’s now in my partners name now so with closing the old account I expected my money back rather than a payment taken.

@Nagev_269 direct debits are requested a few days in advance due to how long the process takes - unfortunately, this can sometimes mean that they’re requested and then an account closes in the meantime.

We’ll be refunding any & all credit due back to your bank. From the looks of it you should have the majority of the credit now, and we’ll be refunding the remainder (the one month’s payment) now, to be back with you within a couple of working days.