Final bill

I am waiting for my final bill from SSE after switching to you. The 6 weeks is up in Friday and when I contacted sse they say they have not received the final reading from you. I also noticed in my first bill form you the first reading was an estimate even though I gave you a reading.

Hi @Ailsa ,

Welcome to Bulb. I’m not sure why they didn’t record your meter reading correctly - but I suspect it’s down to the ‘independent third party company’ which handles switch overs (Bulb sends your opening read to them, they respond saying ‘ok’ and then send it onto your old supplier: however, if they say ‘failed’ the process just falls apart). It’ll be best to contact Bulb directly (as this is a community forum and I’m just another customer like you) via (see for other contact details) with the meter readings (if you still have them, if not, just be honest and provide them ‘todays’ readings and let them know they are from today) and they should be able to get things sorted for you.

Hope it helps!

Hi @Ailsa

The switch reads we have are:
Gas - 7296 (estimated) , your read seems to be missing a number as you sent 758
Elec - 2785 (your own read)

Both suppliers receive the final read from the independent third party team that send the reads and we got these through a few weeks ago.

I’ve asked our data team to re-send the information to SSE’s data team to help speed up the process for you.