Final bill

I have recently moved thankfully from Bulb to Octopus energy about three weeks ago and despite the fact that my new energy supplier have informed me that the energy governing body have accepted that everything is in order, Bulb have still not sent my final bill and my suspicion is that they owe me money and not me owing them money. They are just delaying deliberately paying what I am owed. Thank God I no longer have them as suppliers and never will again.


Some light reading for you: Leaving Bulb – Bulb

Heya @Hywel

We sent your final bill on the 6th March. As the article that @Allanr has linked says, once this has been issues, we start processing your refund. This takes up to 10 days but is usually a little quicker.

It really isn’t in our interest to hold on to your money! It’s an industry standard for it to take this length of time.