Final bill


I received an email on 11th June saying confirming that I was leaving Bulb. However, I have been charged my usual monthly direct debit on 1st July. I believe that my account is in credit. When will I receive my refund? Thanks

Hi @Sam46473838 ,

Sorry to hear you are leaving Bulb: out of interest, what reason(s) are you leaving?

Once the switchover period starts, it takes around 21 days for the switch to ‘kick in’. Then you’ll be with your new supplier and then it’ll take around 6 weeks for them, Bulb and the independent regulator to agree a ‘switch over reading’ (sometimes this can be within a couple of days, sometimes the entire 6 weeks). Once Bulb has got the switch over reading agreed, they’ll then raise your final bill and the refund should be in your bank account 1-2 weeks later.

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