Final billing

Hi. I switched from you on 16.11.18. after that I was told you will increase payment to £116. I am not a customer with you now, but I can still log in here and see an account for electrical is still active and that you are still going to take £116 on 8 December. I can’t afford to be billed twice. Please sort this?

You’ve posted on a public community forum populated by other customers such as yourself.

You need to contact Bulb directly via the information accessible at the “Help” pages link at the top.

@Mayko We haven’t received closing readings from your new supplier yet but this can take up to 6 weeks. I have paused any payment collection so we won’t take a monthly amount early next month.

Thanks Dan, I don’t quite understand why the electricity account is active but not the gas, despite giving readings for both on the same day.

Hool, thanks also, just didn’t know where else to enquire

It’s common for gas and electric to switch at different rates.