Final meter readings the wrong way round - can't get an answer from Bulb!

I moved out of my previous flat in October last year and provided final meter readings. A new tenant moved in shortly afterwards, and the landlord contacted me to say that the meter readings (day and night) had been the wrong way round. This was an ongoing problem with Bulb for some reason transposing the day and night readings, but I thought it had been sorted. Since my old landlord alerted me to the issue I have been trying to get a response from Bulb about this, and have sent 3 emails with photographs of the meter on the day before I moved out, but have had no response whatsoever. I guess now I am no longer a customer Bulb isn’t interested in customer care, but all I want to know is whether I am owed any money because of the errors. Can anyone help?

You have to take photos during the day (9am to 6pm) of the meter to prove which dial (day or night) is moving. If the reading that moves during the day is marked as the night reading on the bills then that’s when Bulb need to do something. Make sure you have the evidence in photos and email it to them, they should be able to do the rest. If you don’t get a good response after repeated attempts, ask them to raise a complaint and they have to deal with it.

Thanks for the reply! Still heard nothing from Bulb so I may need to raise a complaint formally. The photos I have (which I emailed to them twice) are of the digital meters rather than dials. You switch through the readings to show the readings for the day and night meters, which are differentiated by the titles R and R2. It’s these which Bulb has switched to the wrong way round, as has been brought to my attention by the landlord when he tried to sort it out for his new tenant’s account. To be fair, I had exactly the same problem with the previous electricity supplier (which was one of the reasons I switched!) but they were at least responsive and got it sorted out.

Hi @vickylou04 :wave: I’m sorry for the delay, but I’ve just sent you a reply to your email so I can look into this for you.

Lou :stars: