Final Meter Readings to Old Supplier

Hi, we switched supplier to you on 6th May and have a large credit with our old supplier. I contacted them to ask when we might expect a refund and they said they were still awaiting g final meter readings from yourselves. We provided these on 5th May to you I was just wondering how long it will be before Scottish Power recieve them as I they will no longer accept them from me.

Bulb will have submitted them, however they go to a 3rd party for verification and this can take up to 6 weeks to get through the system.

Hi @Bryony, @scudo’s absolutely right on that one, if it gets to around 4 weeks and they still don’t seem to have received them then we can have a look at resending the details or chasing them up for you, but the whole validation process can be a slow one. A worthwhile one though! It’s meant to avoid the possibility of wildly inaccurate final bills during the switchover process.