Final nail in the Coffin - RIP BULB,

As like alot of us customers here enjoyed this new company when it first came on line, regular emails asking for your meter reading, credits given if you were kept waiting on the phone. Great Customer service. But then this year everything seemed to change, Customer service went down hill, the live chat person was demoted to a BulbBot, emails stopped coming in. Customer service persons have not got a clue and reading from scripts given to them by their Team Leaders. Has anyone else noticed that some of Customer Service Reps names we saw here some 6 months ago have all disappeared off the site. And now this fiasco regarding our DD.


Im guessing we have broke Bulb

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Yes , you have expressed this very well . They were excellent ; now they have lost their way


Hi @Timm, I can only apologise that it has felt as though we aren’t performing to our full potential. The people who work on the Community team do rotate, which is why there are new names popping up from time to time. We do indeed still have the live chat and social media channels manned every day by our agents and with this, don’t work from scripts and aim to resolve all member queries as promptly as we can.

I’d like to assist with the issue surrounding your Direct Debit, and see if we can come to a solution on this for you if this has not been done so already. I’ve sent an email to you now, and we can take it from there. I hope to hear from you!

Best wishes,


No email - Only the one with the above on.

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Hi @Timm, I definitely sent you an email not too long ago to the one that is linked to your account so that is strange! I will attempt to re-send my email to you now :+1:

Where is the live chat then, with respect? Because the first time I needed to use it to have something explained to me less than a year ago, it was very easy to find and access through the app.
Now its just a chat bot linking to FAQs that don’t answer any of my actual questions at all.

What am I missing?

Hi @tinap,

You should be able to access our chat bot on your Bulb account. We’ll ask you a few questions first so we can ensure we can solve your question as quickly as possible.

I’ve just dropped you an email so we can resolve any issues you’ve got at the moment.

I didn’t say I couldn’t access the chat bot in my app, @Gabby_at_Bulb. I said I could no longer access live chat since it has now been replaced by a chat bot. And I have run it quite a few times actually. The results never answer my questions. If I were upset at being asked a few precursor questions by a chat bot to get more information on my problem, then that is exactly what I would say. Misinformation helps no one, does it?

Also, I have actually checked my email this morning. Several times. My main inbox, my social box, my promotions box and my spam box. I check each and every part of my inbox every single day right from when I wake up, several times a day, due to the nature I’m a carer, I’m right in the middle of an extremely difficult degree, and I’m a writer.
Absolutely zero emails from anyone at Bulb.

Hi, I’m sure they don’t read our emails in what we are asking. I stated in one that I have never received a meter reading reminder email, but they have come back saying I have, checked all folders and nothing. Only the one which said thank you for your meter readings. And this "Hi there, I’m Bulb’s chatbot, or BulbBot" is something else, what happened to the good old Customer Service? I have just rang my new supplier and got some one nearly straight away and answered my questions. there and then.


Hi @Timm & @tinap

I’m really sorry to see you’re both having the same issue regarding not receiving communications from us. Things like meter readings reminders are sent automatically, and if you’re not receiving them there is a concern we hold incorrect contact details.

Could you call 0300 303 0635 so we can confirm we’ve got all your details correctly?

Regarding the BulbBot, you should be able to get through to a member of the team if you can’t get the answer you need from the bot. We’ve had more people contacting us than usual lately, though, which is the reason for the longer wait times on that platform.

Hi, You must have the correct details as I get MANY THANKS FOR YOUR READINGS once I have submitted them. But again never in the last 3 months have I received REMINDERS .

Do you get the “We’re taking your payment shortly” emails?

AIUI, they’ve put the reminder into those emails, but only if they’ve not had a meter reading for 3 months. Otherwise, they include a line that says “Thanks for the reading on <date>” (or something like that).

I did get these mail’s on a regular date always on the 22nd of each month for the last 18 months, Saying “We’re taking your payment shortly” etc etc, then for some reason they just stopped coming in. When I first came here I always gave them the readings every month after I received the mail.

Hi @Timm

I’ve just had a dig around, and the last email we sent like that was on 23/09/20 and we have it listed as having been opened 3 times now. The title is ‘We’ll take your monthly payment in 3 days’, and thanks you for the reading submitted on the 22nd, as @stevefoster says.

Can you double check if you got that? If not, we can of course investigate further for you :mag_right: