Final payment

Hi. I was wondering when my last payment would be finalized as I am expecting quite a big refund? I choose bulb because it was the cheapest on the market and used renewable energy.
I lived in the property on my own, hardly used the gas and wasn’t there all that much. I didn’t enter my meter reading each month so you estimated that I would be spending £89 per month which I know is high for my situation. As it’s now the 5th of the following month I was curious when I would be receiving the statement.

Can take ~6 weeks

Hi , I join Bulb the last week in November and I am still waiting my last bill from my previous supplier… . I expected maximum 6 weeks… but this is my 8 or 9 week without my final bill.
Honestly , I am getting bad impression about with this situation. My old supplier told me that they didn’t receive the meter readings from my supplier. I think someone is not doing their job properly. Who knows… . Maybe somebody from Bulb can help .

Welcome to the community @Ximo please could you email regarding this and we will be happy to help.

James W :slight_smile: