Final reafing

My previous supplier is chasing me for meter reads that I have provided to you - please an you pass them on

I believe the readings you gave to Bulb are then passed to a 3rd party for verification then they are passed to your previous supplier, it can take a few weeks. All suppliers have to do this.

Hi @Bills12345 as @scudo says we’ve fired over those readings, they’re being checked and I believe they have now both been passed on to your old supplier. If you don’t get that final bill in the next week or so, you could get in touch with your old supplier to see what the hold up is, or let us know and we’ll get in touch with them. I should mention that we can’t talk to your old supplier about payments or anything, so if there’s any sort of hold up which isn’t meter read related we won’t be able to do much, but if meter reads are still the issue we’ll see what we can do