Final Statement from old supplier

So i received my final gas bill from my old supplier to find that shockingly my final bill was extremely expensive and way over what has been consumed. Submitted my meter readings to Bulb to pass on to my old supplier. Bulb then email me to say the “independent company who checks meter readings” has estimated my meter reading because it was very different to what they were expecting. The property is currently unoccupied due to refurbishment and the meter reading I sent Is correct. Does anyone know who this independent company is? and how long it takes for Bulb to respond? I sent a picture of my meter to contest this but have so far not heard anything back


Only Bulb team can answer your detail.

Purely as another customer was your final bill from your previous supplier plus possibly the previous two bills based on actual meter readings or estimated readings? If based on estimated readings this could be cause of your problem on high bills and disputed meter readings.