Final Statement

Hi there I moved out of my old house on 8th October, and submitted my final readings to you, but have not recieved a final statement yet. Please can you tell me when this us likely to happen? Thanks

I believe final readings have to be confirmed by a 3rd party before a final statement is issued, this can take up to 6 weeks but normally quicker than this.

Wow! I had no idea it could take so long. They should put that on the FAQs.
Thanks, I’ll just be patient and hope it doesn’t take that long.

It is covered in FAQs:

Probably mean - .

Why Bulb say it can be 6 weeks (most of this delay is due to the independent third party verification company which handles switches and passes meter readings between the two suppliers), it’s usually a bit quicker: but that want to manage expectations and allow for unforeseen delays. It’s the same sort of delay when you switch from a supplier to Bulb (or any other supplier)