Finding Bulb's contact details

One of the hot-topics on Community is our contact details.

Common questions include “where are your contact details?” and “why aren’t they at the very top of your website?”

Sometimes this question crops up because people have arrived at the Community thinking it’s the way to contact Bulb directly about a specific problem on their account. It’s an easy mistake, as our Help Centre and the Community pages look quite similar. We’re working on fixing that. In the meantime, find out more about how you can contact us, and where you can go for different kinds of help and support.

How to find Bulb’s contact details

You can find Bulb’s contact details on our website. They sit on our ‘Help’ page which you can access from the top of the homepage:

Scroll past the help section and Community discussion button. You’ll find our contact details in the white panel, close to the bottom of the page.

For reference, these are:
Call: 0300 30 30 635
The final option on that page is to open online chat.

You can also find our contact details on your monthly statements. And we send you emails from our general email address too. So if you reply to a Bulb email, it will go straight to an Energy Specialist.

Why don’t we put our contact details at the top of the page?

If a member needs help with their account, we’d like them to find the information they need quickly in the Help Centre before sending us an email or giving us a call.

You’ll notice that the information in the Help Centre is broken down into specific questions, each focussed on a narrow problem. If a member can find the answer to their question quickly, it saves them the effort of explaining the problem on the phone or trying to find the time to put the details into an email.

We think the ability to manage your own energy is important, which is why the Bulb Account enables you to take action at the touch of a button. The option to find fast answers to your questions is part of that.

Getting help from the Community

The Community is also a great place to get help and advice. While it’s not the place to share personal details about your Bulb account, it is a good place to chat with other members about experiences or issues you’ve had and solutions you’ve found.

We’re lucky to have supportive – and extremely knowledgeable – members in the Community who are generous enough to share their time and their expertise with others. While members of the Team Bulb are on hand to help, in the Community it’s often other members who help each other solve problems faster.

What are we doing to help our members?

Your comments have not gone unnoticed. But we’ve made the decision not to move our contact details.

Instead, we’re making a few changes to address some of the most common questions.

  • We’re improving the Community home page to help members find the answers they are looking for.
  • The prepay team have been working on a whole new help centre section to help members who have a prepayment meter.
  • We want Community to be a place to ask questions and have them answered by other Bulb members. We’re going be making some changes to the Community for members to lend each other a hand with questions.

If you think there are other ways we can help our members help themselves, drop us a message below. We’d love to hear your comments.

Hi @“Eleanor at Bulb” , as per request on another discussion as for why repeated requests of unable to find contact details here are my observations:

If you choose ‘community’ instead of ‘help’ from the main bulb site I see the following problems:

A) the ‘help center’ link I did not know was a link until I read this elsewhere. Can this be made visibly obvious in the paragraph

Talk to the team and other Bulb members about Bulb, green energy and life in general. For help with a specific problem, start in the help centre.

B ) the search box on the community / discussions does not find this current page if you type ‘Contact’, that’s quite a serious failing surely it should be the top result!

C) the search does not include results from the help centre (plus it’s not clear it is a separate search box). Could it be possible to also include the help centre results too as that search box works well.

I wonder if users are missing the small help link on the top, could it be renamed ‘help centre’ as per the paragraph above. Possibly users are missing the ‘help’ menu item after years of general computer software which often contains a ‘help’ link that often is just ignored due to past poor implementation and perceived uselessness.

There is lots of useful information in the help centre but somehow it’s being missed entirely if you don’t find yourself there first.

the search box on the community / discussions does not find this current page if you type 'Contact', that's quite a serious failing surely it should be the top result!

I just tried his again, its listing each each and every post within a thread in date order that contains the word ‘contact’, but this informative link is quickly disappearing down the short list and will drop off the end even though it is a more relevant search result.

Perhaps search terms in the main thread title could be weighted more heavily in the search algorithm?

Thanks for your comments and suggestions @Phillip_PAL

I’ve changed your B) to a B!

You’re right. The link to ‘help’ is not particularly helpful because you have to find it first!

We’re in the early stages of making changes to our Community platform. One of the changes is how we can improve signposting to help our members find the answer they’re looking for.

Rather than needing to search for the word ‘contact’, we’re looking at adding ‘suggested help articles’ when either the OP or most recent commenter writes on Community. And we can add this to the search function too. Thoughts on this?