Finishing Times

Just tried to ring support at 17:45 and got a message “sorry you’ve just missed us our times are from 9:00am till 6:00pm” but its only 17:45 for christ sake!!! there’s 15 mins still to go so why are you not answering the phones??? No good shutting up early when youve got customers trying to contact you! SHAME on you Bulb for going home early!!! Maybe you need to change your message to Sorry but weve sneaked off ealry as we wanted to get home for the Footie" Be back tomorrow have a nice weekend! What Poor service you provide Bulb!!!

Perhaps you should take time to read the bottom of the Help page at:

@Alcami197 Thank you for trying to call us, however, our phone lines are not open at the weekend which is why you could not get through to us yesterday (Saturday). You can see our opening times on the webpage @Allanr has posted. You can also contact us by email on or here in our community. I hope you have a good weekend