Fire at property, Bulb still pestering for money. Customer service incompetence

Fire at property/block in Summer 2020. Bulb notified and account ostensibly cancelled. Took weeks to actually close account, get across to everyone involved that ‘no, I don’t have the meter numbers, I left with just the clothes I was wearing’ and eventually have the direct debits cancelled and account credit refunded.

However, in November/December 2020 the landlady at the property starts being chased for arrears of overdue energy use. The. Property. Had. A. Fire. I can’t believe how many times I’ve spoken to, chat botted and emailed Bulb and told them this but still the service was assumed to still be in place and is billed accordingly. Why can Bulb not confirm with the wholesale supplier that the place has been cut-off (EDF?) Why can you not suppress the letters, provide written apologies and accept that this is all your incompetence?

Bulb have grown too fast, have not scaled well and the service has suffered immeasurably. The lack of process or focus for a house fire (or perhaps other catastrophe such as a flood) is inexcusable.

Property details: Fire at Queens Close, Esher.

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Have flagged this for you.
Hopefully someone competent wiill pick-up on it

They haven’t have had no contact from anyone despite repeated emails, attempts on the chatbot again today “no-one is available, why not email us…” even had no response on twitter… I get the feeling Bulb are in big trouble with customer service responses at the moment.

Have you tried a 1* review on T/Pilot, usually makes sit up and take notice?

Update … after two online chats today it appears that, despite a fire rendering the meters destroyed, Bulb still want to arrange an appointment to remove them (or their charred remains) and still believe that they are owed a standing charge for the June-to-removal period the meters were ‘in’ the property.

There doesn’t appear to be any sort of fire/catastrophe handling expertise at Bulb and the lack of clarity/responsiveness in comms is hugely disappointing.

Think I would give up flogging a dead a horse.
Don’t think they could realistically expect an S/C for a property they’re not supplying.
Let them arrange an appointment it would appear that only then the penny will drop.
Be interesting to know what they do with the meter remains.