First bill after price increases

Had my first bill today after the april increases …I used exactly same amount of gas this month as last month and at the bottom it says explaining your gas usage its says this month I used a 100 units which i didnt meter reading showed I used 31 same as last month …so has made it confusing to see what kwh I have used …and my total bill is almost double for same period as last year even though this entire month didnt use my tumble dryer at all …no idea come winter what we will do

I know what you mean!
My E7 rate is now 28.29p day and 19.06p and standing charge is 46.665p per day then 5% VAT to go on there. I assume others with Eco 7 are the same?
For comparison, in January 2021 it was 17.34p, 9.46p and 22p per day standing charge.
I only have electric heating (NOT night store).
If I used the same amount of electric in winter as ‘normal’, which could be around 50KWh per DAY for a few months or so, it could cost me £450 per month. That is more than my house rent!
Then the rate is apparently going to increase again in October.
My house is going to be very cold this winter.
It’s scary how much it’s costing. I cannot afford to use the same amount of energy as normal.

I need to call Bulb and find out if I’m better off switching to a normal NON Eco 7 tariff. Why is the standing charge so much?
I’ll spend £15 a month on electric without even using electric.

your probably better off on what you are as my price is now 26.3110 per kwh and standing charge is 42.6190 p/day

compared to 19.3390 p/kWh and standing charge 22.6280 p/day it was last month

my gas has doubled in kwh price even though was meant to be a 54% max increase

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If you don’t have storage heaters, you don’t need to be on E7, unless you’re using 40%+ of your electricity during the E7 hours. E7 day units are higher than the normal tariff, and, probably the standing charge is higher too.

I monitor my usage religiously. Under the new rates, I’m paying half again compared to last month on a like-for-like consumption.

After October, it’ll be double if we see a similar rise in prices.

I called Bulb and also checked online. The non E7 tariff rate in not much different to normal. Like not even 2p difference. I will start to heat water in the morning during off peak times and see if I can get away not heating water PM.
Does anyone know the Off Peak E7 times?
I figure 12am - 7am or 11.30pm - 6.30am
I’m in Yorkshire area and checked E7 rate and then non E7 rate online.

On another note. In the last week, Saturday - Saturday I used around 50kWh of electric (no gas here) and in winter when the heating is on I can use that per DAY. Heating is off a month or so easier than normal. I’m saving money already.

For my postcode, for economy 7 Bulb are currently quoting 33.1p/kWh peak, 19.8p/kWh off-peak, with a SC of 41.75p/day. For the standard single rate, 29.5p/kWh, SC of 41.66p/day.

While British Gas (my actual supplier), they’re raising my rates to the price cap from tomorrow (my SoLR tariff was guaranteed until today) and have told me they’ll be (E7) 32.5p/kWh peak, 20.8p/kWh off-peak, with SC of 41.75p/day.

Which is almost identical.

For gas, Bulb is quoting almost exactly the same as British Gas is about to start charging me (there are minute fractions of a penny between them).

My first bill online since price increase. Checked readings last night at midnight and was £106. My app now says I’ve used £139 as the bill was averaged. This is wrong as I know what I’ve used. Please explain Bulb.


Ive had my statement this morning it says I’ve topped up 164 on my electric but used 600 and odd?! Erm thats obviously not right lol complete joke

Okay first price rise bill in. For the same period last year the bill was £175. For this period and using 2kw a day more for electricity but 20kw a day less for gas, the bill comes in at £321. Being fleeced.

Don’t forget there was also a price rise last June & October.

Are you quoting actual usage or the monthly DD amount? If actual usage, you won’t get any cheaper elsewhere as all the other providers are charging the maximum they can up to the cap.

Actual usage. Price cap does not apply to variable Bulb tariffs.

Bulb can’t, and doesn’t, charge more than the maximum amount stated by OFGEM. I don’t understand your post.

My Bulb projection for yearly usage is £3679. Price cap is £1973. Can you explain?

The advertised price cap figures relate to typical usage. The cap price refers to the maximum unit price Bulb can charge. You’re estimate is high because you use a lot?? Most people think you can’t be charged higher than the figures quoted in the news, etc. If you use a lot, you will be charged more. It’s unit-price based. I, for example, will use a lot less than average and will end up paying well below.

To reiterate, the cap refers to the maximum unit price that Bulb can charge. They are not charging more than that price. If you use a lot of units, you will pay more.

You can’t reach the maximum and the rest is free!!

The internet is full of examples if you’re still unsure.

As compared to past year am using less energy now than last year. So that blows your argument out of the water.

Take up any further queries elsewhere. I’m just a customer!!

That’s being ripped off :clap:

The energy cap has been raised by 54% so your price increase of around 50% is pretty much exactly what you’d expect to see (assuming you are on a variable tariff). The criminal thing here is that Bulb are trying to increase many people’s direct debits by over 100% when they should only be raised by 54% and that they seem to be charging out energy used before the cap price rise (April 1st) at the new higher cost.

Why some might see higher price increases:
Google: martin-lewis–why-your-energy-bills-might-be-increasing-by-more

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That is why I cancelled my DD 3 months ago as they wanted £359 a month. I now pay every month what I can afford, hence now being in debit for the first time in the last few months.