First bill payment due

Hi Bulb team

Only me! :slight_smile: … Can you please give me a date to, firstly, send you our meter readings for an accurate first payment, and secondly, the date this will be taken out of our account, because I think it’s the 24th, which is a Sunday?

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Does this help with your query:

Hi Allanr

Thanks and much appreciated you sending me this link. It states in it that Bulb send out a monthly statement at the ‘end of the month’, so doesn’t really answer my question. However, there is another link that says ‘here’ that once click on it, says that Bulb send out reminder e-mails to customers who would like to send accurate readings, and best time to get done is 2-3 days before the due payment date…which is Sunday 24th for us, so just checking Bulb have a record of sending me reminder e-mails.

Thanks again, Allanr for your help :slight_smile:


I’m a recent customer as well, my experience may possibly answer your specific questions.

The end of the month refers to the anniversary of when you switched and not the end of a calender month.

My switch was on the 2nd May, so my first bill was due on 2 nd June (which fell on a Saturday) . I received an email on 30 May to say my monthly payment will come out in 3 days time and ideally could I send them my meter readings which I duly did on on 31 May and on 2 nd June received another email to say the cost of my energy and credit since 2 nd May. Since 2 nd June fell on a Saturday my payment wasn’t taken out until 4 June (a Monday). You can see your bill by going into your account dashboard. The bill was based exactly on the readings I supplied to Bulb. Sending of emails and bills isn’t dependent on being on a Saturday or Sunday but actual payment would normally be a working day (i.e. a Monday of payment was due on a Saturday or Sunday).

You can however submit your reading now (21 st June) if your switch was on 24 th May, you don’t have to wait for an email.

Hi again Allanr

Would you believe it…8:46pm just came in to my email address is ‘Your monthly payment reminder’ and headed ‘Keeping your account shipshape’ so Bulb have delivered. I will get both meter readings off to them in the morning.

Thanks for your advice in your last post.

Morning Bulb team

I have just sent you our meter readings for both Gas and Electricity taken at 10:20am this morning. Can you please confirm you’ve got them.

Many thanks


If you go to your account and click on submit readings it will show the last readings given.

Cheers scudo…they’re showing :slight_smile:

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@Allanr & @scudo Doing a fabulous job of explaining there.

Let me know if I can help further, enjoy the sunshine :sunglasses: